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Dental Revenue Group ensures a stress-free revenue cycle management system for Dental practices. 

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About Accura Revenue Solution

Welcome to our comprehensive dental billing organization offering nationwide coverage. As a leading dental consulting company specializing in top-tier Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, we customize solutions to suit the unique needs of your dental practice.

Whether you’re a Pedodontist, Orthodontist, or Pediatric Dentist, you’ve come to the right place. Our cost-effective dental billing services, backed by expert dental claim support, uphold unwavering quality, promoting collaboration to enhance and expand your practice through a mutually beneficial partnership.

Elevate your revenue cycle and amplify your dental practice with confidence. Embrace the advantages of partnering with our esteemed dental consulting firm, delivering professional services at competitive rates today.

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Enhance Your Dental Billing Process​

Running a dental practice and grappling with the intricacies of revenue cycle management? Accura Revenue Solution offers expert dental billing services tailored to your needs. Establishing a robust revenue system can prove daunting when managing billing internally or maintaining costly in-house setups.

At Accura Revenue Solution, we specialize in streamlining dental billing processes, ensuring seamless revenue cycles. Our dedicated team manages all facets of dental billing, from claim submissions to follow-up mechanisms, leveraging our expertise to maximize your revenue potential.

By entrusting us with your billing needs, you unlock precious time and resources, empowering you to prioritize patient care and expand your dental practice. Bid farewell to billing complexities as Accura Revenue Solution charts a course towards a prosperous and financially stable future for your dental practice. Reach out today to explore how our dental consulting firm can fortify your revenue cycle process.

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Our Dental Billing Services

We realize that your dental practice is continuously growing and evolving. To provide support, here are some of the top customized dental billing solutions for you. 

Dental Billing Audit

A Dental Billing Audit can take your practice a long way forward if done right. Choose audit services to get a detailed analysis and strategies for revenue management.

Dental Credentialing

Dental Credentialing is as important as Dental Billing, and this is why our dental billing platform delivers peace of mind with credentialing through proper documentation

Benefits Verification

The Breakdown of Benefits is probably the most important aspect of the entire billing process as it looks at insurance coverage and eligibility verification.

Dental Claim Submission

We prioritize swift dental claim submission to streamline revenue cycle management, guaranteeing profitability for independent dental practices.

Account Receivable

We aim to reduce your Account Receivables to negligible levels, increasing revenue collection and profitability in an adequate manner.

Benefits Verification

Our payment posting mechanisms depict a clear financial picture of your dental practice with a conspicuous view of both insurance and patient payments

Revenue Cycle Process

It is said that the growth of a dental practice depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle process. This is why our dental billing consultants focus on fulfilling all aspects of this revenue cycle to ensure optimum collections for both large-scale and small-scale dental practices.

Dental Benefits Breakdown

The first step in the revenue cycle process is the dental benefits breakdown that looks at insurance coverage and eligibility.

Dental Claim Billing

After the breakdown of dental claim benefits, we focus on proper dental billing to eliminate any chance of error.

Dental Claim Submission

Once the dental billing are checked and rechecked, we go for claim submissions to the insurance providers.

Follow Up and Appeals

Lastly, we strictly follow up on all claim submission and appeal against any denied claims that occur in the process

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Accura Revenue Solution stands as a premier Dental Billing Company. With an impressive 98% dental claim acceptance rate, we take pride in being a true professional billing company, well-versed in American Dental Association coding mechanisms.”

Accura Revenue Solution is committed to empowering dental practices to achieve independence in their domain. To accomplish this, we have developed a highly efficient Revenue Cycle Process that commences with benefits breakdown and extends all the way to streamlined claim reimbursement. Our adept follow-up mechanisms play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal results, significantly reducing your Account Receivables. With our expertise, you can focus on your core practice while we handle the complexities of revenue management.

Accura Revenue Solution: Your professional dental billing partner. Simplify your revenue cycle with us, and say goodbye to costly in-house setups. Maximize your practice’s potential. Contact us today!

Distinctly catering to the revenue cycle management of medical and dental practices, both billing domains share similarities yet present significant differences. The key contrast lies in the coding methodologies used for medical and dental billing, coupled with distinct accreditation requirements from various institutions.

For medical billing, specialized companies like I-Med Claims focus solely on this domain, ensuring comprehensive expertise in handling the intricacies of medical coding and reimbursement processes.

On the other hand, dental billing necessitates specialized knowledge of American Dental Association coding mechanisms, a proficiency provided by dedicated dental billing companies like Accura Revenue Solution.

By leveraging the expertise of these specialized billing firms, medical and dental practices can streamline their revenue cycles, optimizing financial performance and operational efficiency.

Dentists do bill CPT codes because medical plans do not pay for claimed payments for CDT treatments and therefore the CPT coding has to be used in a manner that describes the kind of treatment that was offered. 

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